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Rising Heights Music

We offer private Piano, Voice, and Dance lessons for ages 6 and up!

Piano: 30 minute piano lessons based on the Alfred's Basic Series books.

$25 per 30 minute lesson

Voice: 30 minute voice lessons 

$25 per 30 minute lesson

Dance: Solo, duo, or trio private lessons focused on specific dance styles.

Solo: $30 per 30 minute lesson Duo: $35 per 30 minute lesson Trio: $40 per 30 minute lesson

Each lesson is carefully structured to teach new skills, improve existing techniques and encourage productive practice for students. There will be a warmup, review of previous lessons or skills, and addition of new material and homework to continue growth. Students are expected to complete assigned tasks and practice outside of lessons in order to progress. Failure to do so can result in private lesson termination. 

All pricing includes instructor time, lesson plans, and studio use fee (music and choreography fee included in dance). All private lessons are expected to meet weekly to maintain progress.

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