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Welcome to Rising Heights Dance

Dance has been at the core of human civilization for centuries. Whether it is a celebrated part of a culture, or simply something done for pure enjoyment, there’s a wonderful feeling that one gets from the art of movement.

Our mission at Rising Heights Dance is to provide students of all levels with more than just dance classes, but a unique environment in which students can grow both mentally and physically as dancers. Our instructors have a wealth of experience in teaching and performing various styles and techniques.

Located in downtown Kalama, we strive to teach quality dance technique, encourage creativity throughout our community, and be a joyful place to dance, work, and visit!

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Registration for our 2023-24 Dance Season is now open!

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Not sure what class is for you? No worries! Click the link below to answer a few questions and our staff will come up with a customized plan just for you! We will also set you up with a 5-Day Trial Pass so you can try out the classes you're interested in before enrolling!

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