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2023 - 24 Dance Schedule

Our 2023-24 dance season runs from September 5th - May 25th

Classes are closed: September 4th, October 31st, November 22-24th,

December 23-30th, April 1-6th

All classes participate in our spring recital May 10th & 11th

We are excited to offer classes in studio as well as on Tuesdays at One55elm in Kalama and on Wednesdays at the La Center Community Center!

Register at

Classes with * are currently full

Precious Gems

Movers & Groovers (ages 18 months-3 years)

Wednesday- 4:00PM (30 minutes)
Morning Movers (ages 18 months-3 years)

Thursday- 10:30AM (30 minutes)

Saturday- 10:30AM (30 minutes)

Pre-Ballet (ages 3-5 years)

Monday- 5:30PM (45 minutes)
Wednesday- 3:30PM (45 minutes) LA CENTER
Thursday- 3:30PM (45 minutes)

Ballet & Boogie (ages 3-5 years)

Tuesday- 10:30AM (45 minutes)
Tiny Tumbling (ages 3-5 years)

Tuesday- 4:30PM (45 minutes)
Wednesday- 4:30PM (45 minutes) LA CENTER*
Friday- 5:30PM (45 minutes)

Tumbles & Twirls (ages 3-5 years)

Tuesday- 10AM (45 minutes)
Saturday- 10AM (45 minutes)

Fairytale Time (ages 3-5 years)

Thursday- 5:30PM (55 minutes)

Dino Dance (ages 4-6 years)

Tuesday- 3:30PM (55 minutes)


Ballet 1 (ages 6 and over)

Tuesday- 4:30PM (55 minutes)*
Wednesday- 6:30PM (55 minutes) LA CENTER
Thursday- 4:30PM (55 minutes)*

Ballet 2 (ages 8 and over)

Wednesday- 4:30PM (55 minutes)

Wednesday- 6:30PM (55 minutes)

Wednesday- 6:30PM (55 minutes) LA CENTER
Thursday- 4:30PM (55 minutes)*

Ballet 3 (ages 10 and over)

Monday & Wednesday- 5:30PM (55 minutes each)

Ballet 5 (ages 14 and over)

Monday & Wednesday- 7:30PM (90 minutes each)

Ballet 6 (ages 16 and over)

Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday

7:30-8:30PM M/W & 7:30-9:00PM T 


Lyrical Emerald (ages 6-9 years)

Monday- 4:30PM (55 minutes)
Wednesday- 5:30PM (55 minutes)

Lyrical Diamond (ages 10-13 years)

Monday- 6:30PM (55 minutes)

Lyrical Amethyst (ages 14-17 years)

Tuesday- 6:30PM (55 minutes) ONE55ELM


Jazz Emerald (ages 6-9 years)

Tuesday- 5:30PM (55 minutes)


Tumbling Emerald (ages 6-9 years)

Wednesday- 5:30PM (55 minutes) LA CENTER
Thursday- 3:30PM (55 minutes)
Friday- 4:30PM (55 minutes)

Tumbling Diamond (ages 10-13 years)

Wednesday- 4:30PM (55 minutes)*

Tumbling Amethyst (ages 14-17 years)

Tuesday- 5:30PM (55 minutes) ONE55ELM


Musical Theater Emerald (ages 6-9 years)

Monday 4:30PM (55 minutes)

Musical Theater Diamond & Amethyst (ages 10-17 years)

Tuesday- 6:30PM (55 minutes)


Tap Emerald (ages 6-9 years)

Thursday- 6:30PM (55 minutes)

Tap Diamond (ages 10-13 years)

Thursday- 7:30PM (55 minutes)


Hip-Hop Basics Emerald (ages 6-9 years)

Wednesday- 4:30PM (55 minutes)

Wednesday- 6:30PM (55 minutes)

Hip-Hop Basics Diamond & Amethyst (ages 10-17 years)

Tuesday- 4:30PM (55 minutes)

Competition Teams 

*by audition only


Jazz- Thursday 5:30PM (55 minutes)


Lyrical- Thursday 4:30PM (55 minutes)

Jazz- Thursday 6:30PM (55 minutes)


Jazz- Monday 4:30PM (55 minutes)

Mixed Teams

Energy- Thursday 6:30PM (55 minutes)

Flow- Thursday 7:30PM (55 minutes)

Power- Thursday 7:30PM (55 minutes)

Technique, Leaps and Conditioning Class

TLC Beginner- Thursday 5:30PM (55 minutes)

TLC Intermediate- Wednesday 6:30PM (55 minutes)

TLC Advanced- Monday 6:30PM (55 minutes)

Adult Classes
*ages 18 and over

Adult Dance

Wednesday- 7:30PM (55 minutes)

Session #2: October 25-December 13

Session #3: January 3-February 14

Session #4: February 21-April 10

Session #5: April 17-May 29

Adult Tap

Thursday- 8:30PM (55 minutes)


Weekly Classes

Extracurricular Costs

Hours per week - Cost per month

0.5 hours- $50/month                0.75 hours- $60/month

1 hours- $70/month                   1.5 hours- $90/month

2 hours- $120/month                 2.5 hours- $140/month

3 hours- $160/month                 3.5 hours- $175/month

4 hours- $190/month                 4.5 hours- $200/month

5hours- $210/month                 5.5 hours- $215/month

6 hours- $220/month                 6.5 hours- $225/month

7 or more hours- $230+$75 per extra child/month

Late Fee: Tuition is due no later than the 5th of each month.

A $25 late fee will be charged for outstanding balances past this date.

Registration Fee: A $10 fee is due at time of enrollment.

Recital Package: Costs to participate in the end of the year recital are a $105 fee. This fee covers one costume, a recital T-shirt, rehearsal fees, and theater rental. Any students in more than one class are charged a $70 fee per each additional class to cover additional costumes. Recital and costume fees are due December 1st.

*your student's costume cannot be ordered until these fees are paid*

Recital Tickets: Cost of recital tickets will be announced March 1st.

Drop In Classes: $15 per person each class

5 Class punch card- $65

10 Class punch card- $130

Private Lessons: $30 for 30 minutes

These are available by request. The private lessons form must be turned into main office.

Saturday Workshops: $10 per student, due on arrival at the event! These are open to ALL STUDENTS and information about what's happening can be found in our Newsletter and on our Studio News page!

Holiday Events: These events will range from $10-$25 depending on time and supplies offered. All information on these events can be found in our Newsletter and on our Studio News page!

Competition Teams: Teams will have additional participation fee requirements based on yearly competitions. For questions contact the main office.

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