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January at Rising Heights!

Hello, Hello friends!

January was a brilliant month for the studio! We celebrated Grandparents Day by inviting grandmas and grandpas to join dancers in their classes, the littlest dancers had a lot of fun showing off their skills!

Our competition team has been busy! On January 14th Summit team hosted team dinner at the studio, the taco bar was a big hit. The team performed their competition pieces in front of an audience for the first time at Winter Showcase on January 19th at One55Elm through the Kalama Mixtape. The house was full, and the performances were well received!

February brings a new addition to the Rising Heights team! Introducing Vincient, the studio gnome. Every once in a while, a social media post will drop announcing that Vincient has been placed somewhere in the studio for you to find. When you find Vincient bring him to the front desk and the process will start over again. Keep an eye out for the magnificent beard!

Happy Dancing,

Rising Heights Dance

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